Fashion Friday – Bandwagon Shopping 

            I am a complete sucker for hype associated with any type of sale.  So when Christine briefly told me that Lilly Pullitzer designed a line for Target I was immediately enthused.  I even noticed the buzz on Facebook a bit.   I made a mental note to log on or visit a store that day to shop.  As usual, we were, as they say, “A day late and a dollar short”.   These types of sales quickly become a joke as the stores and Internet sell out so quickly thus making it a Lilly Pullitzer for eBay collection.   That’s where you will find all the merchandise.  As annoying as it is, I couldn’t let it go.   I saw this cute romper selling for $38.00.  I was like a woman scorned so I bought it.   I really love it.  The quality is good, the colors vibrant and it’s so easy to throw on in the summer.   I wore it with two items from   My Kendra Scott inspired necklace was $7.99 and My Jack Rodgers inspired sandals were $15.99.  Not quite a $50 outfit but pretty close.  

Fashion Friday – My Fashion Girl Crush 


I don’t watch much television, but I have caught a glimpse of HGTV’s newest hit show, The Fixer Upper.   There are probably many reasons why this show is so popular.   I was struck by Joanna Gaines’ unique style and I have a small girl crush on her.    She will never trump my first girl crush, Megyn Kelly, but  I have no desire to copy Megyn’s current hair and makeup.  Joanna’s style is about as refreashing and unique as the way she styles the beautiful houses on the show.   I did a quick google search  and right away the search revealed what makeup she wears.  Two items in particular, her lipstick (MAC Fresh Brew) and her signature blush (Lancôme Mocha Havana).  I thought well that doesn’t sound so complicated and it might be cool to give it a try.   I certainly don’t have time to pick up a multitude of new products but a quick trip into Macy’s and I could pick up both those things in one full swoop.  The person at the makeup counter said I sounded like one of the most decisive customers she has ever met.    I actually would have NEVER in a million years picked the lipstick or the blush, but I really really like the look.   

I copied her effortless style by buying a pair of silver circle hoops for $9.99 at Nordstrom Rack.  I bought the lace dress at a neighborhood online boutique for $18.00 and already had a jean jacket.    The bracelet was from Richardson Merchabtile for $12.00.   It definitely reminded me of her style.   

Fashion Friday – Pinterest Inspired for Less than $100

    I recently started noticing these cute army green cargo vests out and about.  They are so cute and so versatile.   The picture of the woman on Pinterest really caught my eye and thought I could probably recreate it in a budget friendly way.  I noticed Macy’s had one in the INC section for half off the retail price of $100.   Believe it or not the simple striped dress was much harder to find.   I actually found the one I’m wearing for $19.99 on Amazon.  I just added some gold jewelry that I already had and put on a brown wedge.   I plan on wearing this outfit with sandals  in the summer.   So all and all much much less that $100!  

Three Day Kickstart 


Two weeks ago, one of my best girlfriends, Claire, told me that she just purchased some Shakeology shakes from her friend at work.  She said, ” I’m going to do a three day cleanse, it promises about 4 lbs of weight loss”.   I thought, hey wait a minute, you can’t loose 4 lbs without me.     I recalled I too had a friend  that was involved with this company.   I decided to do it too and then tell some of my girlfriends as well. Girlfriends code of honor, right?  As usual, Christine,  being one of them.   Christine is what I call a “late adopter”. But, the funny thing was she had one ear open listening to my craziness.  

I asked Claire how her three day cleanse went.  She seemed pleased.  She said the hardest part were the headaches, but for the most part everything went well and she was happy having shed the promised weight and felt like she had kickstarted a new healthy trend.  Hmmmm, that didn’t sound so bad.  I thought to myself that I could certainly handle that.     

In retrospect , I’m laughing because I should have known.  Claire usually embarks on challenges without many complaints.  I always say she’s so graceful and has such a nice way of saying things.  She can make a difficult situation sound almost tolerable.    Like when, not by her own planning, she was left with no other option but to deliver her third boy naturally, thirty minutes after arriving at the hospital.  The way she described natural childbirth you might actually think you may be strong enough to rise to the challenge.   I learned, the hard way, to leave that  to people like Claire and The Dutchess of Cambridge.   

While my three day cleanse was certainly not natural childbirth, it presented some  funny challenges worth mentioning.   

Let’s start with day one.  By far the funniest day.   I wake up and start blending my first chocolate shake with Almond milk.  Oops, the cleanse does not allow Almond milk.   First step and I’m already one mistake in.  I decide to comply with the “strong recommendation ” not to drink coffee.   I think okay surely this can be done.     By mid-morning, I am at the post office and I read it’s time for a “fiber sweep”. What on earth is a fiber sweep? I learn, basically,  Metamucil on steroids.   It was not one bit appetizing.   Second step in and I decide to email my personal Coach. The cool thing with purchasing these products is that you have someone to be your sounding board and to be there for you if you do have any questions. I had no idea so many questions would actually present themselves.    This is when I found out Almond milk was a no no and I should probably pinch my nose while drinking the fiber sweep.   Onto lunch.   I have to admit bringing a vanilla shake out to mix  without a blender isn’t the most convenient.   This time, I mix my lunchtime shake with water in a Poland Springs bottle sitting in my car.  Not only did my lunch taste like chalk, but now my car looks like nepalm exploded.    I text Claire to tell her that I didn’t like the fiber sweep and that I think the lunchtime shake tastes like chalk.   Claire’s response , Oh, I didn’t mind that one”.  I think wow maybe it’s me.   And then, mid-afternoon it hits, that tsunami of a headache that happens during a full-fledged, bonafide  caffeine withdrawal.  I realize I never really had one of these and quickly realize how much freakin coffee I actually drink every day.  I started having violent thoughts towards whomever that was that wrote in the instruction manual to avoid caffeine.  I text Claire “Oh my God,  I have a headache”.   Claire’s response,  “Yeah, the headaches are the worst”.   That’s its? That’s all she said? By this point, I feel like my obituary will read “Mom dies from seizing due to caffeine withdrawal”.  I think maybe I should email that Coach again.  I mentioned needing a suggestion to make the vanilla shake more appetizing and I also mentioned my headache.   She responsed , “Oh no you are having a rough first day”.   After all of these exchanges it was time for my dinner time shake.  What do you know it was the same as lunch.  This time I added some cinnamon and a dash a vanilla extract.   It did taste much better.  My “Coach” was super helpful and my splitting head felt thankful for her.  

After day one I truly  wanted to stop.   Day Two was better.  Maybe it’s because I knew what to expect.  I powered through.  This day food just looked so appetizing.  I must admit I snuck a piece of my son’s pizza slice.  It was the most delicious bite of pizza I had ever had.  I started updating Christine and my friend Christie some thoughts.   They were mildly interested and when I described my headache they said they were thinking they would stay caffeinated, fat (their words) and happy.   

Day three came and I completed everything until dinner.  I forgot my dinner shake and ended up at a baseball game and had some grilled chicken and salad for dinner.  

When the three days were over, I realized how hard giving up coffee and substituting all meals for shakes truly was.   The program kept its promise.   I lost 4 lbs on the nose.  As hard as it was, I love any program that keeps its promise.   I do feel like it helped to jumpstart a healthier eating program.  But, I decided that unless I’m in a swimsuit competition or walking the red carpet that I won’t be worrying about three day cleanses anytime soon.  I loved the results though. My pants didn’t feel as tight and I started adopting much healthier choices.   I could certainly pinch my nose and toast my fiber sweep to that! 

Fashion Friday – Holiday sparkle


I always want to look festive around the holidays without buying a Christmas sweater or breaking the bank. Christine told me to post some of my creations. My first look (shown above) is a casual look. I love plaid but own very little of it. This year I invested in a cute but versatile plaid top. Plaid is great around Christmas. I found it at Macy’s recently in the Ralph Lauren section, only $32.00. I wore it with a pearl necklace I bought last year at Target for $17.99, and a pair of dark jeans.


This outfit is one that I am particularly proud of and I think it’s festive enough to wear to a holiday party. I recently purchased a pair of faux leather leggings from INC in Macys. These pants were inexpensive at $32.00, trendy and comfortable. That’s the trifecta right there. The shirt was a score at Kohls for $14.99. I loved the plum color and it looks good with the leggings. The simple gold necklace was from a local boutique in the neighborhood for $5.00. All told the entire outfit was $52.00! Truly amazing.


Lastly, I love winter white. I always have. And I love sparkle. Last month, I bought a winter white or cream peplum top on, along with the sparkle necklace on the same site. The top was $12.99 and the necklace was $9.99. Very inexpensive holiday sparkle.

I hope that inspires some of your holiday outfits.

What to Wear Wednesday – Faux Leather

There are some trends that I like and that I want to try and then there are some trends that I loose sleep over. The words “faux leather” have come into my thoughts a lot lately. It’s all over the place and I notice it everywhere. I actually like this faux trend. It’s way less expensive than real leather, never mind more socially conscience. I had to just go ahead and scratch the itch this past Veterans Day. I popped into the mall looking to score something, ANYTHING, that was faux leather. I was like a hunter looking for my next kill.

The INC top was on sale at Macys for $29.99. The layering necklaces are another big trend right now. Not one I’m loosing sleep over, but cute nonetheless. I am wearing a classic monogram necklace from Stella and Dot and a layering necklace from $7.99.


Fashion Friday – Fashion, Friends and Fun. All good “F” words

A couple weeks ago, my friend Aleisha texted me one night and said, “Want to meet at Closest Revival tomorrow?” I really didn’t need anything specific but I didn’t want to miss the chance to see her so I happily agreed.

We met and scooped up some excellent little finds. I spotted this ruffled leopard print skirt for $16.00. The label read INC and the tag was still attached that read $59.00. That was certainly a good deal. When I tried it on I loved it. We both walked out of there with a couple good scores. I actually bought 2 pairs of jeans, 1skirt and 1 top all totaling $80.00. The jeans alone were worth well over $100.

I have worn this skirt at least 5 times already. So comfortable and so easy. I recently bought these geometric shaped earrings for $15.00 as well on Zulilly. Put the two new things together with an old black tank top and the whole outfit really only cost me $30.00.



Fashion Friday – Be a “Copy Cat”


I recently went to a seminar where the presenter said, “It’s okay to be a copy cat, as long as you are copying the right cat!” I thought that was so funny and so relevant to my life.  I’m not afraid to admit it…… I’m a copy cat.  

Everyone used to walk into my house in Rhode Island and say, “Oh, your house is so nicely decorated, you are so good at decorating” .  My Mom always told me if I found something in a magazine that I liked, cut it out and then recreate my own version.   I still remember my Mom used to keep a manila file folder chock full of pictures that inspired her. Sort of an early version of Pinterest.  I followed suit and when it was time for paint, rugs or pillows, I just copied combinations that I liked from home magazines.  I wasn’t good at home decorating, just good at copying.

When it comes to fashion, I do exactly the same thing.  A couple of weeks ago, I traveled to Rhode Island and saw my friend Devan. When I walked in Devan was wearing this coral shirt with a blue necklace.  I liked it immediately.  The color combination was so fresh and so funky for the spring.  Devan ALWAYS looks so put together and stylish.  I swear she has more style in her little pinky than I have in my whole body.

I flew back to Texas and harassed Devan, via text, about her outfit.  I was thrilled to know she was a fellow Target shopper. The shirt was from Target and it was $22.00! I was not able to recreate her exact blue necklace so I used what I had in my house.   

The shirt is a Mossimo special and only $22.00.  The necklace was a recent purchase on Threadflip.  Devan wore it with white jeans, so I wore it with white jeans. 

I copied the right cat!


Fashion Friday – It’s ALL about the accessories

My friend Christina would always tell me, “Bebe, it’s ALL about the accessories”.   When it comes to style, I tend to listen to Christina.  Actually, it’s her necklace that is featured in this post.   This week I am blogging about  Claire and her ability to “carry off” even the most inexpensive duds.  I have always intended to feature all of us, but as you know life with as many kids as we have tends to  get kind of busy.

Who says you can’t go to a beauty pageant wearing a dress from Charming Charlies?  That’s right, Claire recently attending the Mrs. Rhode Island and Mrs. Connecticut pageant wearing a dress from Charming Charlies.  Christina had recently bought this red dress for about $34.00.  Claire was looking in her closet and thought this would work for the upcoming pageant.   That’s another thing I miss terribly about being in Rhode Island……….having access to Christina’s closet.   It’s like walking into Carrie Bradshaw’s secret stash.

So, like only Claire can do she wore a dress for $34.00 and looked like a MILLION bucks.  It’s not about how much you spend, but how it all works together.   The necklace, that’s another story.   This beautiful necklace was WELL over the cost of the dress, further proving if you are wearing good accessories your outfit can really make an impact.   These rhinestone necklaces are super trendy right now and I happen to love them.  The necklace was purchased at Nordstrom.

Once a beauty queen always a beauty queen!  This look is simply beautiful.




Another example of accessories costing more than the dress is this look on Christine.  No, she didn’t attend a beauty pageant but definitely spruced up a work outfit with some red accessories.   She told me her Ann Taylor Loft dress was about $40.00 and her Kendra Scott earrings were a little over $50.00.   Another examples of accessories making the outfit.



Fashion Friday – A High School Friend, Facebook, and a Much Coveted Item

Fashion Friday - A High School Friend, Facebook, and a Much Coveted Item

My husband and my mother are not on Facebook. Social media isn’t their thing. Many people think Facebook is the root of all evil. It can break up marriages or turn people into shameless self-promoters. Face it, if Facebook can break up your marriage it probably wasn’t that great to begin with. Better yet, Facebook isn’t the first or last place that people will find to promote themselves, or even worse, their children. In my opinion, Facebook is what you make of it. I like to think of it as a place where I get a good laugh and reconnect with friends where I might have otherwise lost touch.

I am beyond excited that Facebook has led me to a much coveted item…….my new Bauble Bar necklace. A few weeks ago I was scrolling through Facebook updates and I saw a high school friend wearing this necklace in her profile picture. I commented that I loved her necklace. She responded that she works for the company that makes it and she would be happy to send me one. Well, I’m not sure whether or not she knew it, but I’ve been eyeing this necklace for six months. It was a big deal to me. I had even tried to buy something comparable, but way less expensive. I still had this necklace on the brain. Such a simple gesture has made my week. I can’t thank Dacia enough. To me, Facebook is just the coolest thing in the world. It’s responsible for one of my “fashion prayers” being answered. You never know what good can come from it.

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