Fashion Friday – A High School Friend, Facebook, and a Much Coveted Item

Fashion Friday - A High School Friend, Facebook, and a Much Coveted Item

My husband and my mother are not on Facebook. Social media isn’t their thing. Many people think Facebook is the root of all evil. It can break up marriages or turn people into shameless self-promoters. Face it, if Facebook can break up your marriage it probably wasn’t that great to begin with. Better yet, Facebook isn’t the first or last place that people will find to promote themselves, or even worse, their children. In my opinion, Facebook is what you make of it. I like to think of it as a place where I get a good laugh and reconnect with friends where I might have otherwise lost touch.

I am beyond excited that Facebook has led me to a much coveted item…….my new Bauble Bar necklace. A few weeks ago I was scrolling through Facebook updates and I saw a high school friend wearing this necklace in her profile picture. I commented that I loved her necklace. She responded that she works for the company that makes it and she would be happy to send me one. Well, I’m not sure whether or not she knew it, but I’ve been eyeing this necklace for six months. It was a big deal to me. I had even tried to buy something comparable, but way less expensive. I still had this necklace on the brain. Such a simple gesture has made my week. I can’t thank Dacia enough. To me, Facebook is just the coolest thing in the world. It’s responsible for one of my “fashion prayers” being answered. You never know what good can come from it.

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