Things Are Never How They Appear

I can’t tell you how many times Christine will see some celebrity on the cover of her most recent Redbook and say, “I saw so and so and she looks really really good.  Did you see it?”  Most of the time, I’ve seen the same cover during my many trips to the grocery store and I usually go on to say,  “Yeah, she’s totally airbrushed”.  Christine will naively ask, “Really?”.  Yep, these days I don’t think anyone even looks one bit real on the cover of a magazine.  Yet, I always rip out a picture of some perfectly coiffed woman in a magazine and bring it to my hairdresser so she can work her magic and send me out the door with the same look.  I always leave wondering why it doesn’t look quite the same.   Those magazines at the check out line kill me.  We are all aspiring to look like these super models who just happen to be super airbrushed.

Well, last weekend I came upon an App called Perfect 365.  I wasn’t looking or anything it just sort of popped up.  I started playing around with and boy did I have a lot of fun.  I just took some recent pictures and started editing, or airbrushing.  The App does it all. You can soften your skin, remove blemishes, add make-up, eyelashes, even slim your face or whiten your eyes.  Oh, slim your face! That’s so sneaky.

The funny thing about it is that I was happy with my picture before.  Once I saw the comparison of the airbrushed version, I instantly starting wanting to look more like the airbrushed version.   That’s because what I was comparing myself to was an unattainable version.  Even though it’s fun, that’s exactly what we are doing when we are looking at all of those glossy magazines.  We are all trying to get the unattainable.  Here’s mine…….


Okay so this next picture is insane.  My mother always says, “Christine is a little doll”. My mother means she is small, petite and has these porcelain doll like features.  Christine likes to describe herself  more like an elf, but I like my mothers description better.  The truth was, I thought Christine’s “non-airbrushed” picture was awesome. We have been taking fun before and after pictures for my business and when she sent me her original picture I thought she looked fabulous.   Well, that’s until we saw the airbrushed version.  We kept saying, “That’s crazy!”.  Doesn’t get closer to a doll than this.


Try it out.  Find your inner Cover Girl.  I want to tweak everything now.



  1. I just wrote a post on this same topic on my blog! I got to mess around with PhotoShop and it was incredible what I could do before I realized that by taking away my grandmothers’ wrinkles, I was taking away one of the things I loved about them. It’s a sneaky, slippery slope photo manipulation is… Stay Smiling my friend!

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