The Madness, I mean MAGIC of Disney

I just returned from a recent trip to Disney World with the family.    A short, but jam-packed trip.  Vaughn really wanted to take the boys so I agreed and we headed there during one of the busiest times of year, spring break.  

I am always amazed at the sights I see when such large crowds come from far and wide to grab a sliver of the magic everyone so fondly talks about.     Some of the things I witnessed are anything but magical.  For me, I think I experienced more comedy than fantasy.  You know I have to poke some fun at the silliness.  Here are some of my funny observations:

People walking around eating turkey legs at 10am.  I guess you could consider that a mid-morning snack.   But, I think I’m more comfortable with some fruit or yogurt at that time.  But, if the sudden urge hits you at 10am to walk around holding a big hunk of meat, Disney is where it’s at.  

The teeny tiny girls all dolled up as princesses.   Maybe it’s because I had two boys first, or maybe it’s because I never did believe in FAIRY TALES, but there’s something so freaky about toddlers adorning lots of makeup  being schleped around by their parents.   There were hundreds of tiny princess clones everywhere.  

Okay so if you care enough about your family to buy everyone matching t-shirts, then why would “Nana” pull down “Aiden’s” pants and spank him in front of the world to see.  Seriously looked super dumb and I only know this because their t-shirts identified them.   

Also, if you are breast feeding your child please let the kid sit down and eat.   I’m not against breast feeding at all.  I did it.  Even in public places if I had to.  But, for gods sake don’t do it while Little Johnny is dangling from your body and you are speed walking from Fantasy Land to Space Mountain.   Talk about eating on the go. It was truly a sight to behold.   

It is truly a miracle that you make it through the day without being run over by a scooter.   A couple of old ladies really know how to haul some you know what in those things. 

Parents putting their tired older children in strollers.  I couldn’t help but notice kids as old as 6, 7, 8, maybe even 10 being pushed around in strollers.   Hey, people, if you kid is lethargic and looks like they might be suffering from heat exhaustion it might be time to call it a day.  

I can’t believe we all made it.  The boys had a blast and I even got to go on some rides.   For me, the magic was grabbing a Starbucks and having Eve take a nap in her stroller.  I guess you could say that was a bit of magic in itself.   

Tuesday Threads and Trends -Tassels

I’m ready for Spring! We only had about two weeks of winter here in Texas and boy did that get old quickly. I’m ready to bare some arms and enjoy the sunshine.   My outfit showcases two of my favorite things this spring.  I’m gravitating to anything and everything with tassels.   I purchased this tassel necklace at a boutique called Rich Taste in Plano for $18.00.  

My second favorite thing for spring are my nude flats that I purchased from Target for $19.00.  They are super easy  and cute.  I actually bought two pairs because I had a favorite shoe from Target before and I always regretted just not buying two.  

My fringe lightweight sweater was a consignment store find at Closet Revival (Plano) for $14.00.  Nicholas told me that I looked like “iCarly” but I thought it was perfect for transitioning into spring.    

Busy Mom Meals – Go To Chicken Soup



My boys, like many others, only eat random vegetables like red peppers or cucumbers. It’s aways a struggle. I love things they eat without argument. I noticed they only wanted to eat my Mom’s chicken soup on Christmas Eve. She told me the soup was really easy and was made in the crock pot. I started fishing around on Pinterest and found the recipe above. It was so easy. You basically combine all the ingredients except the egg noodles and parsley until the last ten minutes. Cook everything on low from 6 to 8 hours. Before you put the egg noodles in, take the chicken out and chop it. Then return it to the crock pot.

Would you believe the boys gave me a big song and dance about egg noodles? They were yelling that “Nana’s soup was better! Don’t you know she is a Grandmother that’s WHY”. Oh boy! I forced them to eat it even with the yelling and screaming. The second time I made it I did use vermicelli instead and there was no yelling. Nana even admitted it might have been better than hers.

Eve – There’s a Toddler in the House




Eve will be eighteen months in a couple of weeks. And although I have certainly felt like I’ve had a toddler for awhile, I am now in the “eye” of the storm. Eve is GIRL! It will be a funny day when she actually finds out. She’s everywhere! I found her on top of her kitchen yesterday. On the tippy top sitting on a tiny square. It is definitely different experiencing all this madness at 39 and not 30 and with two boys that have no problem reverting back to toddlerhood themselves. I keep asking myself , “I did this twice before?” It feels like a tiny tornado is in the house. She’s already busted her lip open, gotten into one of my favorite lipsticks, busted out of all but one kind of shopping cart and has conquered all of the hard surfaces in the house. I can hardly wait to see what is next. But, we LOVE her! I think God knows where to send the active ones.

Monday Mom Style – Splurge!




While I mostly buy steals, Christmas gifts are a perfect time to splurge. This Christmas my BFF knew exactly what to get me. How could she not? I probably told her how popular Kendra Scott earrings were in Texas about TWENTY times. When they arrived I was so surprised. A gift should always be something that the person wouldn’t buy for themselves. Christine picked turquoise because she knew if I bought them for myself I would have picked a more basic color like white or black. She always says turquoise is a neutral. I absolutely love them. I can put them on an instantly feel fancy. Such a thoughtful gift.

The second splurge in the outfit pictured is this Top Shop faux leather jacket bought for me from Vaughn. I would never have bought it for myself. I plan to wear it a lot. As fancy as this outfit appears, it’s actually not that complicated to throw on. Just a nice jacket and a nice earring. That’s it.

The shoes were a steal bought a year ago at Marshalls for $20.00. Something should be inexpensive, right?

Monday Morning Fashion Report – Pinterest Inspired Outfit




I am totally late to the Pinterest party but I have discovered it and I’m mildly obsessed. As obsessed as a busy mom could be. I have three boards that I pin things to, fashion, hair and recipes. I don’t go on often but I think this site is an excellent tool for any Mom. All the cute hairstyles, outfit ideas and recipes are saved to my phone and easily accessible when I need them. I pinned the first outfit because these cute skinny, ripped, cuffed jeans have recently caught my eye. Vaughn tells me they are so 80’s and asked me if I “pegged” my jeans or bought them that way. I think the cute little taupe suede booties are the perfect addition. During Christmas shopping I saw that Ann Taylor Loft was having a 50% sale so I looked and found a pair in my size. I think they were $45.00. The suede booties were from TJmaxx for $49.99. The hat was from Target for $19.99 and the scarf was a gift, but you can find a cozy cable knit infinity scarf anywhere. These 80’s inspired jeans are my new favorite jeans. And, in the end my photographer admitted the outfit was pretty cute, even if my jeans were pegged.

Mommy Fashion – Looking Good with Workout Clothes on



Every year I consider two resolutions. I always say I want to incorporate more exercise into my daily routine while I don’t look like a hot mess doing it. Years ago, Christine and I would look for reasonable workout clothes that would take us from the gym, to the park, to the store or to the school without looking like a frump. All we could come up with were those cute zip-up matching sets in bright colors with just the right amount of spandex so they wouldn’t disintegrate with frequent washes. As I get older, I’m more and more uncomfortable wearing yoga pants and sneakers all day. It really affects my mood. So I have been searching for reasonable and cute options for everyday wear that can go from a brisk walk or run to a meeting with little effort. The outfit pictured above is from Target. The royal blue shirt is, believe it or not, a Champion shirt purchased in the workout section. I had seen a very colorful scarf when I first entered and put the two together. I liked the scarf’s bright colors and I think it looks much more expensive than the $14.99 price tag. What you don’t know about this outfit is that I have on a black Nike tank under the royal blue shirt and thin white workout socks on with my boots. If I want to take a quick walk with the baby in the jog stroller all I have to do is take the boots off, slip on sneakers and take the scarf off.



This next outfit above is the same Champion shirt with my new favorite workout leggings. These leggings were purchased at Macys at Christmas time during a One Day Sale. Nike is the brand and I had wanted a pair that were good quality and patterned for awhile. My friend Christina had a Lululemon pair very similar years ago and they looked nice on the go. Again, all I would do is remove the boots, jacket and necklace. I also put the outfit below with just a plain black scarf.

I’m not talking about going on a long marathon training run here that would require much preparation and showering but a light jog, light weight routine or brisk walk that would help me incorporate moving my body into my day. I think these are some of my more efficient creations.


Christmas Time Madness

Is there anything or anyone more overwhelmed than a Mom at Christmas?  I’m going to start my rant off by saying that I absolutely love Christmas.  I always have.  I love putting on a red sweater, warm coat, grabbing a gingerbread latte from Starbucks and hitting the stores.  I love Christmas decorations, Christmas commercials and Christmas cookies.   But, something crazy happened when I became a Mom. I started to FEAR Christmas. Like, OH MY GOD CHRISTMAS is coming! When you think about how much we actually have to accomplish it’s staggering.  I have put together a funny list of the things that put me right over the edge around Christmas time;

Husbands – Like some sort of holiday tradition my own husband never fails to tell me the night before that he needs a gift for so and so or something for a party the next day. Every year! Just this week Victor tells Christine at 8pm that there’s a potluck at work the next day and asks, “What should we bring?”.  Christine responded, “Soda”.   We have these types of conversations every year.

The Elf on the Shelf – I’m a sub par Elf on the Shelf parent.   He’s completely neglected and forgotten and he never does anything fun like everyones else’s Elf. If there were a DCYF for Elf parents I would be sent there.  I resent the Elf and he doesn’t even make my kiddos behave. Christine used to rave how her Elf was some sort of  magic  bullet that was responsible for peaceful mornings.  I was never so lucky.   The things my Elf has witnessed no Elf ever should.  Which brings me to the next topic.

My boys’ behavior – I guess I live in some sort of dreamland thinking that my kids would buy the whole he sees you when you are sleeping ,  he knows when you are awake thing.  After all that would mean behaving from after Thanksgiving to Christmas when we can’t even make it through a whole day.   The word coal is a regular part of our vocabulary this time of year. Christmas, tis the season for empty threats.

Christmas lights – I love them on everyone else’s house, but what we go through to get our own up is another story.   The boys fight about the colors, should they blink or not and Vaughn has  “technical difficulty” every year.  This year we actually had to make a service call to an electrician and pay $65.00 just so he could come and tell us where we could find an outlet.

Late Nights – There’s a well known fact that every Mom knows…….that none of things we have to do for Christmas happen during the daytime.    We spend countless hours up at night writing Christmas cards,  baking cookies, ordering online and wrapping.   All month long.   The latest nights I’ve had as a Mom happen around Christmas while everyone else is nestled like sugarplums in their beds. I look forward to New Years just so I can go to bed.

Family fueds – I have a girlfriend who will remain nameless but what she goes through around the holidays with her in-laws should be criminal. Moms have so much to prepare for and execute that you think family members would understand what it’s like. Why can’t we all just adhere to the nice message on so many of our Christmas cards, “May your holiday season be filled with peace and joy”. Family squabbles are hardly peaceful.

Obscure gift requests – There have been many funny ones through the years. As if the gift giving isn’t difficult enough, then Moms have to be magicians too. One year Nicholas asked repeatedly for “Splatster”. Some Wii like game that made paint splatters on the TV. We never heard of it before his request or after. We searched high and low and I think we managed to find it on eBay and ended up getting in a ridiculous bidding war over it. This year, Marcus is asking Christine for a play football field that he can play in. He asked for it to be lit with lights. Christine asked me today what she should do? How the heck should I know? I was too busy tracking down a package from China that contained Minecraft necklaces.

It’s a wonder Moms pull it all off. We always do and MOST of the time it’s done with a smile. Now, that’s what I call the magic of Christmas.


Fashion Friday – Holiday sparkle


I always want to look festive around the holidays without buying a Christmas sweater or breaking the bank. Christine told me to post some of my creations. My first look (shown above) is a casual look. I love plaid but own very little of it. This year I invested in a cute but versatile plaid top. Plaid is great around Christmas. I found it at Macy’s recently in the Ralph Lauren section, only $32.00. I wore it with a pearl necklace I bought last year at Target for $17.99, and a pair of dark jeans.


This outfit is one that I am particularly proud of and I think it’s festive enough to wear to a holiday party. I recently purchased a pair of faux leather leggings from INC in Macys. These pants were inexpensive at $32.00, trendy and comfortable. That’s the trifecta right there. The shirt was a score at Kohls for $14.99. I loved the plum color and it looks good with the leggings. The simple gold necklace was from a local boutique in the neighborhood for $5.00. All told the entire outfit was $52.00! Truly amazing.


Lastly, I love winter white. I always have. And I love sparkle. Last month, I bought a winter white or cream peplum top on, along with the sparkle necklace on the same site. The top was $12.99 and the necklace was $9.99. Very inexpensive holiday sparkle.

I hope that inspires some of your holiday outfits.

No Retakes!

So now that I have a second grader and a fourth grader, I have my fair share of school pictures hanging around. Especially now, as the kids actually get them done twice a year. I’m never really appropriately warned or ready. It seems to come right before a haircut, or causes such an upset to our morning routine that I am usually left cursing school picture day. You think they would give us ten extra minutes those mornings. Not a chance.

As you know, I’m all about keeping things real and genuine. Just yesterday, my boys came barreling into the car after school with school pictures in hand. They were jibber-jabbering about them as they entered so I knew something was up. I heard the word “retakes” come out of their mouths several times. Nicholas asked me if he needed a retake because his smile wasn’t so great. He kept telling me to open the envelope at the next stop light. I did and I said , “Oh Nick, it’s cute”. He seemed relieved that he didn’t need a dreaded retake. Then, Vince said “Mom, oh God, oh God, you are going to see my crazy face “. I opened the envelope and could not even contain my laughter. No wonder Vince kept saying the word retake. I’m sure someone happened to mention it to him at the school. I remembered something that Christine always said about school pictures. She says, “The crazier the school picture the more memorable “. Well Chris, I think we won the award for the year.

After I finally contained my laughter, Vince asked “Do I have to do a retake?” I said “No, no retake, that’s the picture!”. He seemed so relieved. After all, these are my boys. My crazy, funny and unpredictable boys!

I did however manage to get the boys haircuts for our family pictures scheduled later this week and even warned Vince to get himself together.




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